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Urban Durham Realty, located in downtown Durham, has helped Durham residents, new and old, purchase and list their homes since 2009. Our community is important to us. We’ve built our lives and our business around it, and that business is about far more than buying and selling houses. It is about supporting and strengthening our community. 


That’s worth stating again: we care about our community and the people living here. We’ve talked about why we think it’s important to highlight this cause, but we also want to call attention to the very obvious contradiction. We’re a real estate company and in addition to selling many reasonably priced houses, we’ve also sold numerous million-dollar homes. While we believe that the presence of high-end homes doesn’t necessarily preclude the availability of affordable ones, we recognize that our goal is to do what's best for our clients and often that conflicts with keeping prices affordable. 

Irrespective of our position, we are committed to participating in the conversation around affordable housing in Durham, and doing what we can to help the cause. We believe we can do both - sell real estate and help with the affordable housing crisis in our community. As a matter of fact, we believe that if you’re working in the real estate field, you should be doing both.

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