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Our 2023 Goal is to raise $15,000 for the Durham Eviction Diversion Program through
The Caris Foundation

Deeds for Deeds originally had chosen Legal Aid NC to be our non profit for 2023 as we wanted to specifically focus on Durham evictions, however, early in 2023 Legal Aid informed us that the fund that we were planning on donating towards, which allowed clients who were in the process of appealing their judgment pay their rent bond to the court and stay in their homes while they awaited the trial, was now seen as a potential conflict of interest and they could no longer accept donations towards that goal. 


However, one of Legal Aids closest community partners, The Caris Foundation, is still able to pay rent bonds for Durham community members. 


Deeds for Deeds made the decision to donate directly to Caris Foundation so that our funds would be put to better, more direct use through CARIS, and towards our goal of preventing Evictions in Durham, so people can stay in their homes. 


A locally based 501c3 charitable foundation, Caris Foundation primarily serves people in poverty in Durham by providing financial assistance for rent, utilities, and food.


All of their resources come in through donations, mostly from private individuals. They have no significant operating expenses, and virtually all of our income goes to assist folks in our area. 


In 2022, they helped 41 families in the Durham area remain in their homes through payment of rental assistance or utilities so as to avoid eviction.  They paid out over $38,000.

About 10% of the funds donated go to helping cover items such as car repairs & utilities. 90% covers the bond needed to help residents pay their rent while they wait for Social Services support to kick in. It usually takes 4-6 weeks for Social Services to process the paperwork for assistance. The clients that the Caris Foundation helps have been vetted through Legal Aid's intake (confirm they have a sustainable lease, etc.) 

The Caris Foundation

We hope you’ll join us in these efforts!

We're thrilled that we met our 2022 fundraising goal for Hope Renovations and look forward to our 2023 goal!

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