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Durham County

at a glance

as of 2022 (or latest)

population 325,751

median household income



median property value



homeownership rate


(the national average is 64.1%)


sales price 


per MLS

homeownership rate by ethnicity

42.9% Hispanic

45.8% Black

59.8% Asian

72.7% White

2012-2016 American Community Survey

Facts & Terms

Affordable Housing

Housing that costs its occupant no more than 30% of their gross monthly household income.

Aging in Place

The ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level.


A household is considered housing and transportation cost-burdened if it spends more than 45% of its income on housing and transportation costs combined.


A typical Durham household spends 44% on housing and


Tree Canopy

In 1937, Durham began planting trees in city-owned strips along sidewalks in residential areas. The plantings followed local redlined maps, so that poor black neighborhoods received few plantings and today have limited tree canopy, while wealthier white neighborhoods saw much more extensive planting. 

Expanding Housing


Durham's City Council's 2019 plan to expand housing options near downtown Durham to address density and urban growth. 


Yes In My BackYard.

The YIMBY movement began a few years ago with residents in expensive American cities like San Francisco and New York organizing to advocate for more housing to be built, especially by lifting regulations that currently hinder residential development.

Area Median Income

AMI for 4-person household in Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) 2018: $80,600.


The historic Black community, Hayti, was a thriving residential and commercial district until the 1950s when the Durham Redevelopment Commission demolished the community to make space for the Durham Freeway.

Local Organizations

Local Educational Services

Many of these educational classes are free of charge and/or available online.

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